The proFishing is original fishing game at beach or cost of many different island, such as Black sea island,Cow island, Blue peak island, Red island, JeaJu island,
DocDo island.

The first mobile fishing game with story mode, just like RPG game. And with 4 different players, you can level up the player, also you can enjoy various fishing style. It is just like go out near by seaside for real fishing!!


- profishing is the real fishing game in the base of real fishing contents.
- The game goes in order choosing of bait, casting, fish bite and fighting. After casting you have to wait until fish bite , waiting time depends on your casting distance , bait and others

- Caught fish can be saved in cooler or released.
If player choose to release the fish, it will build up good karma point.
Full good karma point increases one of player's ability.
10% of good karma prize would be more expensive or cheaper than the price of shop.

- Four of players, each player has different ability for fishing.
- Ability will be increased automatically by player's level up
- The forth player is hidden, it can be selected after clear of story mode. You can increase player's ability by your self.
- There are 18 different kinds of fish, which are divided into 5 major fish and other fish.
- 5 major fish are Sea bass, Red seabream, Rudder fish, Rock bream, Black seabream, and other 13 kinds of fish.
- Other fish can be found every point, however 5 major fish lives different point.


xpeed snowboard , iphone / ipod
US$ 0.99

profishing , iphone / ipod
US$ 1.99