Are you bordingholic?

Do you want to enjoy snowboarding anytime anywhere?
Here is the snowboarding game in your hand,
you can enjoy snowboarding with just simple

There is a real thrill and fun when you slide
down from the top of the open ski slopes to the
down hill.
Some of obstructions even more make it as real.

There are some systems to give you more fun
and challenge.
Durability of your board will be reduced after
every stage, you can repair snow board at
STATE menu to recover durability of snowboard
Also obtained point from each course can be
used to repair board or get lift ticket to take next
stage slop.

It sound may be complicated, however, playing
this game is so simple.
You can move your snowboard with simple
movement just up and down or left and right.
When there is obstructions in your way, just tilt
your iphone left or right to avoid or you can
jump from the hill.
For speed control, it is just
same way but different direction, tilt your iphone
up and down your.

When you are ready to go to the white snow
field for a real excitement, now go for it.


profishing , iphone / ipod
US$ 1.99

xpeed snowboard , iphone / ipod
US$ 0.99